The overall mission of SEWA is to represent empower people, in particular of disadvantaged group and women, and more specially:

  • To transfer the present condition of suffering of the people in to self-reliant society
  • To build a dynamic organizational framework through people’s participation

Present major intervention:

  • Formation & strengthening of Farmers producers Groups and initiated registration under company act. 
  • Formation & strengthening women self-help cooperative and established production units for IG.
  • Promotion of Natural Pest Management 
  • Participatory Groundwater Management and watershed development
  • Water Sanitation & hygiene
  • Crop Diversification


SEWA, core competencies lie in people who work towards unified vision of dedication towards a classless and exploitation free society. The combination of strong will power, ceaseless efforts and determination to bring ethos of society in chaining and social needs and urging towards a concept of self reliance among villagers, irrespective of cast, sex and religion.


SEWA - Social Education for Women's Awareness is Registered non-profit Organisation mainly engaged in Social Education for Woman's Awareness. The detailed objectives of the Organisation are enshrined in the Memorandum of Association. Some of the major objectives which are close to the heart of the organization are -

  • To take up total literacy program giving priority to woman's sector.
  • To promote health and family welfare program especially for women and children and to assist linking with the existing public health infrastructure.
  • To engage in social service activities, aimed at improving the living conditions health standard and general welfare of the poor sector, particularly women and children, tribal and scheduled caste, small and marginal farmers, and landless agriculture laborers.
  • To promote and undertake development activities to provide relief to the poor, and provide charity to those in need.
  • To promote small saving habit amongst the poor families, specifically amongst the women. To tank up a forestation schemes specifically under private and social forestry schemes.
  • To help small farmers in adoption of new agriculture techniques, and motivate participation of women in this area of productive work.
  • To impart technical knowledge for self-employment of women including empowerment and provide employment opportunity.
  • To collect, exchange and disseminate information on health, education, environment, agriculture, rural development etc. through seminars, workshops, meting and resource activities.


The district of Jharsuguda is one of the most drought prone and neglected in the entire state and in fact in the entire country in terms of development. More than half of its population belong to two marginalized sections of the society, namely dalit & adivasi. Typical to the problems faced by primitive tribal groups, they are suffering from the evils like acute poverty, impoverishment, mal-nutrition and ill health. Even though several programmes have been implemented by the Govt. and other agencies nothing much has hanged. It is felt that Govt. efforts alone is not sufficient to address the poverty issues. So in order to address the issue in the proper perspective some like-minded people came together to contribute for the overall development process voluntarily. This small effort later was organised in a proper manner and christened as SEWA (Social Education for Women’s Awareness). Later it was registered with proper authorities to make the intervention more effective.



Prof.Lalitmohan Dash



Sushil Kummar Dash



Pratyush Ranjan Nanda

Project Manager, JSP


Payal Patel



Gourahari Tandakar

Civil Engineer


Dambarudhar Digal

Cluster Manger


Chudamani Bariha

Cluster Manager


Sunita Mishra

MIS Manager


Srikanta Kaudi

Finance Manager


Mahendri Munda

Training Manager



At present the organisation is working in the district of Jharsuguda in Orissa. Even though the activities of the organisation spread across the district it has identified two blocks of Kolabira and Laikera as the more preferred Blocks. In the district of Jharsuguda SEWA is active in more than 20 no. of G.P.s covering more than 216 no. of villages. More than 10,000 people are directly and indirectly benefiting out of the programmes of the organisation.


  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate
  • FCRA Certificate